Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Alone Lost Soul

Alone Lost Soul

Here awaken by the drearry night
Alone and fearful of what yet to come
Solitude, as one keeps to himself
With thoughts running through his mind
With no friends to guide the alone mind
Just a man with himself to understand
one soul lost in the wilderness
Overlooked being without care
Vanished in the deep thoughts of the disease mind
As the mind searches for the answers
When the alone lost soul was searching for
the light out of the trail of gloom
The lost soul was in the wasteland of melancholy
Forgotten by the world he once recognized
Searching for the protection from all the misery
Being bothered and haunted by the memories
of the past times
Torn each way and broken into pieces
finally the alone lost soul fights off the
Conflict of his mind and soul
 being freed from the thoughts in his mind
Allows him to no longer be lost but  now found …

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