Saturday, February 28, 2009

These eyes

These eyes
Covered with tears
all out of pain
Pills taken
heart beating,
Mind racing,
These eyes
Covered with tears again
living in hell
memories of before
hanging over the edge
A distorted mind
A trust destroyed,
The Future seems shady,
The present seems dreary,
Waiting for darkness to come
To end this day
While holding onto my heart,
And forever Waiting
to be Found ..............

While Thinking

In this craziness
Tears had fallen

like the rain pouring
creating confusion in my brain

these feelings must be conquered
inside I felt I’ve been ripped apart
by uncertainty
and stuck in misery
this is disturbing me
Depressed and alone
I’m sitting here

While leaving my true self behind me
it's bringing out the worst in me

and I’m stuck here
In this craziness

hoping to be freed
While thinking

A Feeling

A smile ,
A feeling of hope ,
A love so wonderful
and, then there was a problem ,
a sadness so strong that for every day forward
Felt so difficult now as weak as ever
I make a wish
To see the smile again
To feel the love
To have that hope ……….