Saturday, February 20, 2010


after a lifetime in doubt
So you go back in time to when you used to smile
to have everything back
But it’s to late
while your need to feel loved
Is still so strong

So you are running at a loss
inside the cocktail
Your drinking
In the night
For a love that’s not for you.
Maybe that's wrong,
Maybe that's how
you accidentally : lost it all

An Endless Path

An Endless Path

An endless path of ruined dreams
TODAY that is where you stand
It’s hurtful to remain OVERLOOKED
While you’re uncontrollable CRYING continues
PAIN has now become your friend
DEPRESSION is now all to familiar to you
Wanting to end your life is something
you now defend
When you know it’s not right inside
So how do theses good qualities end up being your
Bad ones ?
When your CARING has gone to far
You look for support , but it’s never there
It’s always about others and NEVER ABOUT YOU
Even though you hide your feeling so well
They have been there for far too long
You used to smile and laugh
Your entrance lights up a room so easily
But that has not occurred in a while
Not since your life has changed so drastically
I wish life weren’t so tough , for you
It really can beat us down in a single strike
When we know there’s nothing we can do
Even if we try to act strong,
We can’t change how others treat us
But we can change our own lives
You need to take care of yourself before
caring for others .
I know it’s been hard to say NO to others
You can change by NOT CARING so much
For the ones that Don’t Support you
I wish you will never give up on life ,
not without a fight
because This DOES NOT have to be