Friday, March 25, 2011

standing at the sunraise
i seek answers
for the future
that i know nothing about
the footsteps that i have left behind
 I have been careful  not to stumble
and still I am  left with  scars!!!
sympathy, i do not want;
So I'm  riding the wave of struggles and hardship
that brought me here, and  i stand all alone;
with explanations, i do not need for the past;
life has become a big question
for which i am seeking a
simple answer – to my question ???
I have noone to answer my question !
standing at the sunset, so afraid of the darkness that surrounds me
I am just seeking a simple answer , as the darkness lingered on
and the light filtered in from above, all along i had built a brick wall
to protect me from the rush of madness a wall so strong and so comfortable
it broke into pieces when you came around standing tall amidst broken lives
no one cares if you stay back to pick up the pieces or make a run to the nearest exit;
with darkness all around me, i patiently walk around desperately seeking an answer
i just close my eyes and try to weather the storm brewing inside me!
listening to the voice inside that is dying to come out,
I search for means to keep myself sane!
I try to forgive and forget, but memories cling on
how can I forgive,
I don’t have the time to put up with your worries,Things need to change now,
Cuz what you do, I cant handle it,
Maybe I need to do something, I just don’t know what.
Cuz you’re one of the few, That makes me go back to the past.
For now I’m letting it go, I’m going to try and forget,
But just to let you know, I’m not going to forgive.
You hurt me like you’ll never understand,
 but now I am  not afraid of the darkness that surrounds me
i was just seeking a simple answer but instead
I’m going to move on...