Tuesday, April 20, 2010


You live your life in an awful place
it's called the past .
You let the past come back into your life and now your past is haunting you. You need to face it and then You need to let it go before it's too late and the past steals away your future .

The past was so upsetting that it made you forget everything,
including the good times .
Now Your life has become nothing but a blur
and the walls of reality are closing in on you .
When you live in the past you get stuck there and can't move on .

Having to deal with those emotions makes you crazy
and the feelings you have caused to many sleepless nights
All you can do is complain instead of listen that
Life is more than your wants and needs .
Soon You will realize that the dreams you had in the past ,
will no longer exist .

When they are replaced with new dreams ,
that you create with every new day .

Every day will soon become your past .
These are now the walls of your reality
It's that awful place you
called the past
Is now called your awful Future ......