Monday, June 14, 2010

I didn’t want to hear

I didn’t want to hear
that you were unhappy
And I wish I didn't care. But I do ,
And I just want to pretend
That the problems aren't there.
But really all I do is care for you,
As you continue with many sleepless nights .
I feel for you when your suffering .
The pain you're in now , Pains me too.
You don't think this affects me, But it does .
I know everything is so complicated for you right now
I just want to shield you from this cruel world.
So when you let your Anger control you
Rather than your head. Problems and difficulty
Are the payment that you get , And it seems its more
Important to you to Blame Me for everything ,
Instead of focusing on the real issue
Even though the truth is upsetting ,
That you have this hatred for me .
I don't believe ,I've wasted my time on you .
Because I love no matter what and
will always wish the best for you
but you don’t feel the same for me
I just have to question . Where is the truth?
That's all I wanted from you
But Instead all I get is your intense discontent
and the yelling that goes with it, When ever I spoke
I simply got ignored , My words meant nothing to you ,
I just have to wonder, Is there any meaning to this pain?
Those hidden tears and unheard cries ,
Are damaging to your mind and mine too .
You keep yourself Isolated from others .
You're Angry and Depressed
And there's nothing I can do.
So now, it's up to you,
All you have to do .
Is show me you can smile,
That's all I want not ,
So please, don't shut me out,
I just want to see you happy.

Written about my teenage son Alex

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