Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My crying soul

There are no kind words to tell
what this is like,
just that myMind is lost
I’m All distraught,
Been crying,
the mourningStill lingers on…
Within theses tears are
reminders of the reality,
Of when I wanted to fall apart,
When the fear got best of me
From the sobering results
of so many tests
Reaching for some comfort
When there is so much sorrow
While letting out the tears that
My soul has been crying
My mind goes but some where else
when too much of life has taken its toll
But still trying ,
As it's always been the little things
Here comes the break down
Now Wiping the tears that my souls been crying.
what I need is love
For what I have been going through
Slowly drowning
Inside the hurt
in the sorrow beneath
I wonder can you set my crying soul free ……..

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